Scubapro G-Flex 5.0 Dive Gloves

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New 5mm Cold Water Glove Features a Contoured Shape, an Easy-Don Zipper Entry & a Double Seal for Optimal Water-Blocking Capability

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Scubapro G-Flex 5.0 Dive Gloves

This new 5mm cold water glove features a contoured shape, an easy-don zipper entry and a double seal for optimal water-blocking capability. The new Grip material offers lots of stretch for maximum comfort. The textured palm provides a non-slip grip while maintaining maximum finger dexterity. The plush interior promotes warmth and dries fast. The wrist is cut long for easy so it can be easily worn under or over a wetsuit sleeve.

  • New Grip material provides extra stretch for maximum comfort and finger dexterity.
  • Plush interior promotes warmth and dries fast.
  • Double wrist seal keeps water out and warmth in.
  • Pairing hook keeps gloves together and lets you clip them to your suit.
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