Scorpena Rope 8mm Fish Stringer with Fixator

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SCORPENA stringer is designed for caught fish stocking and its transporting while spearfishing. The stringer consists of a lock, a needle and string rope. In the back of the needle is a flag which doesn't let fish to slide down.

Designed to hold the catch and its transportation while spearfishing. The kit consists of a rubber castle, needle and rope cable. On the weight belt loop attached lock, the lock is inserted in the needle is connected with a cable. Extracted fish is on the loop formed by the needle with the rope and rope lock. After a successful shot a hunter can with one hand to release the needle from the castle. Fish that is threaded a needle, and the needle is released harpoon fastened again. The hooked end of the needle will not let the fish go, if the hunter, unable to fasten the needle will drop it accidentally. Despite all these features, the fish can be easily removed with Kukan.

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