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  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X
  • Scorpena Mask X

Scorpena Mask X

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Mask Scorpena X, (M22RP-CA + SC-01)

Today, you can buy many different accessories for GoPro cameras. The reason - the unsurpassed quality GoPro and benchmark status in Action cameras outdoor activities. It does not remain aloof and scuba diving. There are many devices for shooting when diving, but more intuitive, simple and convenient place than mounting the camera on a mask, not yet invented. The main advantages of this solution are obvious: the camera always takes what you see as the planes turned around with your head, while your hands are left free. This is especially important when doing underwater hunting, as in this case, the hands are busy underwater gun and knife or a lantern.

The mask is suitable for all models GoPro: GoPro 1, GoPro 2, GoPro 3, GoPro 3+, GoPro 4, Hero4 Session. When used together with our mask you can receive excellent videos that will cause the admiration of all who see them, and you will give it the opportunity to peruse his immersion in a peaceful atmosphere for a detailed analysis and subsequent improvement of skills.

Our Scorpena mask with attachment for GoPro cameras can be your basis for the creation of a mobile complex of underwater video shooting. By setting the camera on top, you can fasten on both side strap mask one or two types of lamp UK Mini Q40 with a spectrum of warm glow or UK Mini Q40 eLED Plus colder range, but twice the brightness. Thus, one Scorpena X mask can substitute up to three racks for underwater video shooting and all that - with the hands-free and intuitive control!

The camera is very easy to attach to the mask. You do not have to buy extra accessories, as set in the mask is already included mounting screw and a plastic box for transport and storage of the mask between dives.

The mask is suitable for most types of entities and is sealed due to the mild shutter around the perimeter. The skirt of the mask is made of high quality elastic hypoallergenic silicone. Glass - very strong, hardened. Occipital strap is made from silicone rubber and has an extension in the central part of for more reliable coverage of the head and pressing a comfortable mask to face. To adjust the degree of pressing the mask, it has a buckle with quick adjustment mechanism. Moreover, the regulation is carried out in a very wide range, which enables the mask to people with a very wide range of head sizes. Micrometer adjustment buckles mechanism makes it possible to very finely adjust the clamp mask to the face, which makes it comfortable to use, even for a long time. In addition, the strap buckles can be on one or both sides, which greatly simplifies the process of removing the mask and dressing.

Plastic Case has a soft-touch matte finish that reduces glare and the formation of parasitic stray light when shooting.

For the price is our most profitable mask masks of famous brands in more than two times - especially in order to take care of the safety of the Russian purse trick!

Consider a new mask in the line Scorpena in great detail, to the video in the format of 4K! The main feature of the model X - is a convenient, versatile mount for GoPro and similar action-camera for underwater shooting.

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