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  • Scorpena Bag - Ladoga PolyCordura
  • Scorpena Bag - Ladoga PolyCordura
  • Scorpena Bag - Ladoga PolyCordura
  • Scorpena Bag - Ladoga PolyCordura

Scorpena Bag - Ladoga PolyCordura

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Bag Scorpena Ladoga consists of two modules of bags which can be operated separately.

Basic module - a big bag, if desired accommodating two sets of hunting equipment. The module has one large compartment and a front pocket on the outside, closing a powerful "lightning." At the ends of the bag are located handles for carrying the bag "together" or for easy installation, for example, in the trunk of the car, etc. To carry on the shoulder, on the main handles located pad-lock on the tape. In the bag there are two valve guides sew from the rafters by means of which is tacked to the bag set.

Dimensions: 100 x 33 x 30 cm.
Volume: 99 liters.
Weight: 1.8 kg.
Load capacity: 20 kg tested. Reported 15 kg.

Tacked module - bag, for a so-called kit (hunting flippers, mask and snorkel), although fit speargun length and 100 cm in her bag without difficulty consists of a main compartment and external pockets of volume: coil, flashlight, spare tench. , tips, universal tools or spares. Bag has a convenient carrying handle "alone" in his hand, as well as a detachable, on carbines, shoulder straps and a label with your personal data. At the lower end there Sew antipillingovaya PVC lining.

main compartment - 100 X 23 X 13 cm, pocket- 50 x 18 x 6 cm.
Scope: The main compartment - 30 liters, a pocket - 5,5 l..
Weight: 0.7 kg.
Capacity: 8 kg tested. Reported 6 kg.

In the manufacture of bags Ladoga was used cold-resistant PVC Gloss Finish reinforced polypropylene cloth black mesh and PVC. All seams are double stitched with threads of high strength TYTAN. Also in the article used a sling from polyamide fibers and a strong clasp. Logos Allocated by screen printing using a hot press drying (sintering).

ATTENTION!!! Freight System, belts, jackets, etc. in the bag not be transported! For transportation of cargo systems use a special bag for goods !!!

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