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  • Scorpena 3 Fingers Gloves D - 8mm

Scorpena 3 Fingers Gloves D - 8mm

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Scorpena D three-fingered gloves made of 8 mm neoprene made specifically for use in very cold water. Have anatomic cut in the form of a relaxed wrist. Palm gloves are covered with a layer of wear-resistant Supratex. To improve grip and anti-friction properties giving palms and fingers are provided with the original polyurethane pattern. Extra Long leggings combine convenience when equipped, additional insulation and protection from the circulating water inside the suit during the hunt. Wrist gloves are equipped with additional locking velcro outside.

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Tuotekoodi SCO14007001-CP
Valmistaja Scorpena
Sukupuoli Unisex
Tuotteen tyyppi Gloves