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  • OMS Stainless Steel D-Rings - 25mm - Straight
  • OMS Stainless Steel D-Rings - 5cm - Straight
  • OMS Stainless Steel D-Rings - 5cm - Bent

OMS Stainless Steel D-Rings

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Stainless Steel D-Ring, 1″ or 2″, Straight or with 45 degree Bend

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OMS Stainless Steel D-Rings

Available in two sizes, the Stainless Steel “D” ring has become a SCUBA industry main stay in terms of gear configuration. The shape of the “D” ring works well when coupled with a Triglide. The 2 inch “D” ring is available in flat or bent shape. The bent shape works best in the chest location as a diver can easily get under the “D” ring for attaching gear. Remember “Rings on your body, Clips on Gear” having a clip on your harness may lead to an entanglement situation. Line entangled on a gear clip is easily solved, remove the accessory gear and clear the line.



  • D-Ring, Stainless Steel, 1″ (25mm) straight
  • D-Ring, Stainless Steel, 2″ (5cm) with 45 degree bend
  • D-Ring, Stainless Steel, 2″ (5cm) straight
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