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  • McNett Black Witch 28gr

McNett Black Witch 28gr

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Quick Drying Neoprene Adhesive

McNett Black Witch - Quick Drying Neoprene Adhesive

Black Witch is suitable for quick repairs of Neoprene Rips and Tears, especially where rubber is directly bonded together. Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist, neck seals and silicone seams.

The Black Witch “toluene free formula” is suitable for quick, (up to one hour) repairs, of Neoprene rips and tears and especially suitable for Neoprene butt end jointing of seams or edges, where rubber is directly bonded together. Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals etc. Note: When quick repairs are not required, or to re-coat high wear abrasion areas such as knee or elbow sections etc, use McNett Aquasure high strength, permanent adhesive.

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