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  • Mares | XR Line - 28XR First Stage

Mares | XR Line - 28XR First Stage

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The 28xr is a Technical First Stage Ideal for:
- Sidemount Regulators
- Backmount Regulators
- Stage Regulators

Mares | XR Line - 28XR First Stage

A technical first stage ideal for sidemount regulators, backmount regulators and stage regulators.

  • Full Shiny Chrome Metal Body
  • Natural Dfc On All Lp Ports
  • Balanced Diaphragm And Environmentally Sealed “Tbp“ (Twin Balanced Piston)
  • Environmentally Sealed Ast For Underwater Removal
  • 4 Lp Ports On Swivel Turret
  • 1 Additional 5th Lp In-Line Port
  • 2 Symmetrical Hp Ports With A 10° Port Angle For Perfect Hp Hose Positioning
  • DIN Only - 300 Bar
  • Lightweight <790g

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Tuotekoodi 416411
Valmistaja Mares XR Extended Range
Tuotteen tyyppi Regulator, Regulator-First Stage