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  • Mares Flexa Z-Therm Wetsuit
  • Mares Flexa Z-Therm Wetsuit

Mares Flexa Z-Therm Wetsuit

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Mares Flexa Z-Therm Wetsuit

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Mares Flexa Z-Therm Wetsuit

  • The ultimate expression of semidry suits: donning/doffing, including closing of zipper, can be done autonomously
  • Diagonal g-lock front zip with inside flaps to increase thermal comfort and skin protection in the zip area
  • 100% ultrastretch with strategically placed panels and special cut.
  • Trilastic concept for a better fit in the most critical areas (waist + neck/back + armpit)
  • Innovative telescopic system: great size customization through crotch adjustment
  • Increased thermal comfort in the most critical areas and increased waist and lumbar comfort
  • Compact, stretchy pocket integrated in the suit on the right thigh
  • Gaskets on wrists and ankles deliver a better seal which reduces water entry

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Tuotekoodi 412367-CP
Valmistaja Mares Diving Center
Paksuus 7mm
Tuotteen tyyppi Märkäpuvut, Semi-Dry