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  • Mares Explorer 70 Jacket and Pants

Mares Explorer 70 Jacket and Pants

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Erikoishinta: 205,63 €

Normaali hinta: 222,17 €

Kokoonpanon hinta: 199,00 €


Mares Explorer 70 Jacket and Pants

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Kokoonpanon hinta: 199,00 €

Mares Explorer 70 Jacket and Pants

The new Explorer wetsuit model is aimed at lovers of simple, functional products who do not want to give up important technical characteristics. 

- New preformed cut ensures comfort and excellent fit
- Excellent elasticity, high thermal properties and compression resistant
- Anti-slip chest pad and neoprene “shock absorber” inside
- Reinforced knee pads




Hood Included
Whenever you see this icon it means that the hood is sold together with the wetsuit.



Thickness: 7mm
Colors: Black
External Material: Lining
Internal Material: Open cell
Chest protector: Yes
Knee protector: Yes
Hood: Yes
Jacket code: 422472 (7mm)
Pants code: 422473 (7mm)
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Tuotekoodi BundleExplorer70
Valmistaja Mares
Paksuus 7mm
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