Mares Dive Computer Puck Air

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Mares Dive Computer Puck Air - Sleek, reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use

Mares Dive Computer Puck Air - Sleek, reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use

The sporty and functional design includes all the information that enthusiasts cannot do without. With Puck Air dive computer as your guide, you’ll always know what to do. In particular, with the Easy Access System, navigating the computer menu has never seemed so easy!

EAN (NITROX) from 21% to 50%


  • Integrated pressure gauge and residual air time calculation
  • Display Area with a dot matrix insert
  • Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer modes

- Compact yet full featured air integrated dive computer
- Gas time calculation
- Segment display with dot matrix insert
- Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity
- Available with analog compass
- Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 20-second sampling rate
- User-replaceable battery
- Multiple lanyard attachment points

Max Displayed Depth: 150m (492ft)
Memory capacity: 36hr
Profile Sampling Rates: 20s
Stopwatch: No
Battery Power Indicator: Yes
Lithium Battery: Yes
Plan Mode: Yes
Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units: Yes
Fresh and Seawater Settings: Yes
Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
Option to exclude audible alarms: Yes
Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent": Yes
Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min): Yes
Altitude Adjustment: Yes

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