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Cressi Reaction Pro Fins

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Closed-foot Version of the Cressi Reaction Fins, a Full footpocket Style Fin with a Longer Blade & Built in Runners to Effectively Direct Water Flow Down the Blade

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Cressi Reaction Pro Fins

REACTION PRO is a great all around fin for scuba, snorkeling and freediving. The REACTION PRO is a full footpocket style fin, with a longer blade and built in runners to effectively direct water flow down the blade. REACTION PRO is constructed using multiple materials bonded together with a patented three material molding process to provide comfort and suppleness in the foot area and strength and rigidity in the heel and blade area, where the foot pocket is beneath the blade for added power and efficiency. The soles are completely covered in thermo-rubber to give them exceptional grip on boat decks. Can comfortably be worn with or without neoprene socks. 



  • Full footpocket for comfort
  • Long blade for efficiency
  • Thermo-Rubber soles for extra grip on wet surfaces
  • Closed-foot version of the Reaction fins
  • Designed for swimming,free-diving and scuba diving
  • Long blade with differentiated thickness
  • Cressi patented Three-Material moulded frame for smooth and powerful kicking

Technical Specification

  • Closed-foot version of the Reaction fins, the buckle-up version has met with full approval from divers.
  • The frame is moulded in three different materials, according to the Cressi patented system that guarantees surprisingly smooth and powerful kicking.
  • The blade is rather long, and has a differentiated thickness - thicker at the front end of the foot, it gets progressively thinner towards the end of the blade.
  • The wide-soled foot is very comfortable and outstandingly enveloping thanks to the extensive use of elastomers.
  • The soles are completely covered in thermo-rubber to give them an excellent grip on boat decks.
  • These fins have been designed not just for swimming and free-diving, but also for scuba diving, where they will surprise you with their fantastic performance.
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Cressi Reaction Pro Size Chart

Cressi Reaction Pro Size Chart