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  • IDE Wall bracket 1-fold

IDE Wall bracket 1-fold

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Wall bracket 1-fold, complete with bracket and tightening screws

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The purpose of storage cylinders is to reduce the strain on the compressor(s) and to guarantee a fast and continuous supply with pressurized air. Even when a higher volume of air is required, be it short-term or long-term, they can help to avoid continuous operation of the compressor system.

In this case, an obviously important factor is a precise analysis and calculation of the required volume of air and storage capacity, to find a reasonable balance of the individual components. Be it for stationary applications like scuba diving, paintball, and industrial settings, or for mobile use like air-supply trucks - storage vessels are among the most important components of an efficient, long-lived and cost-saving operation of high-pressure compressors.

We will give you detailed advice on storage possibilities and we will find a tailor-made solution for your purposes and requirements.

Storage cylinders for up to 450 bars (6,530 psi) max. filling pressure.

Self-supporting cylinder racks (for one or two cylinders) can be easily combined to form larger units. Available with or without draining valve in the cylinder bottom.

Wall brackets can be installed for the following cylinders:

  • 20 L - 200/300 bar
  • 30 L - 200/300 bar
  • 40 L - 200 bar
  • 50 L - 200/300/350/420 bar
  • 80 L - 350 bar
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